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Michael DunganKing KongMy late father (b.1923) used to talk about a cinema... Read more
Joan Mulloy MayoBambi TraumaI had to be carried out of the cinema, even before the film began...Read more
Olive Rolstone DublinHecklers at ‘War and Peace’My grandfather, William Cant, late of Inchicore House Dublin, was the owner...Read more
Shannon LongmoreDublinGood Cinema, Bad Cinema and ‘Twilight’I constantly go to the cinema, I’d say I would go maybe every week or everyone second week...Read more
Ian Kinane Harry Potter, Tom Cruise and Shrek!The first film I went to see was ‘The Muppet's Christmas Carol’, but I was so young...Read more
Marion Gerety DublinCupid strikes at 'Doctor Zhivago'The country town where I grew up had two cinemas. One was called...Read more
Geraldine Monaghan DublinLimerick Cinemas and ‘Tarzan’ ReenactmentsI was born in 1938 and lived in the country outside Foynes in Co. Limerick...Read more
Johnny MulloyWestport, Co. MayoGoing to the pictures in WestportThe first cinema I recall in Westport was in the Town Hall...Read more
Dr Adrian Somerfield DublinMatinees, Organs and Fleas!My parents, who came from the English midlands, were quite keen on the cinema...Read more
Fintan RyanCarlowDoing a ReelI grew up in Borris Co Carlow where in the old days we had one cinema with one projector ...Read more

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