By: Michael Dungan Title: King Kong

My late father (b.1923) used to talk about a cinema (I’m pretty certain in Camden Street, now an amusement arcade) where at one time you could gain admission in exchange for empty glass jars. That may well have been in the 30s.

He also reminisced about being brought to see King Kong in the Stella, Rathmines, against the strong protestations of his mother, by his father, a senior clergyman in Christ Church Cathedral. I think they also brought along my father’s friend, the boy next door, Donal Caird, who would later become CofI Archbishop of Dublin.

My father, who was also ordained in the C of I, brought me as a boy to see the 1970s re-make of King Kong with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange. I in turn brought my own kids to see the recent Peter Jackson version.

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