By: Shannon Longmore (18, Dublin) Title: Good Cinema, Bad Cinema and ‘Twilight’

I constantly go to the cinema, I’d say I would go maybe every week or everyone second week. It’s something me and my boyfriend of 4 years do together it’s kind of a ritual. He prefers cinema than alcohol so that’s fine by me. He actually prefers to go to the cinema more than I do. Our first ever film we went to see together was Hancock starring Will Smith. We have experienced great cinema such as Inception or Shutter Island and not so great cinema such as Scream 4 and Valentine’s Day. I love the Twilight saga although he said the fourth one released this year was crap . I think I was just so transfixed by the whole  story that they could have sat in one room in silence and I would have loved it. It’s where we would go on valentine’s day or our anniversary. If he doesn’t want to see something I do I wouldn’t miss the chance I would ring my friends who all like the cinema, but I love movies more.

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