By: Olive Rolstone Title: Hecklers at ‘War and Peace’

My grandfather, William Cant, late of Inchicore House Dublin, was the owner, with others of several cinemas in Dublin, Dundalk and Cork. One of the cinemas was The Green and the company office was in that building. I know that at some stage his company merged or was in some way involved with Rank Films. I’m sorry to be so vague!

My sister and I grew up in Mount Merrion where the Stella Cinema opened in the 1950s. Up till then we were taken to the pictures in Dublin but not very often and NEVER alone!! However, once we had our “local” we were able to go at least once a week. Then we had the Ormonde in Stillorgan. The routine was to go every Sunday afternoon regardless of what was showing. Quite a gang of us would meet up, buy crisps and other “missiles” and get into the back two rows. We felt that we added to the script of the various films by shouting out dialogue, usually pretty rude, and this caused us to be ejected on some occasions. I particularly remember seeing “War and Peace” during which shouts of MORE SNOW must have spoiled the enjoyment for many in the cinema! Our parents would have been horrified had they known of our behaviour. We were supposed to be young ladies and gentlemen.

I look forward to the new documentary.

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